testmat: Example results from fastMLA requiring all significance...

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This data.frame contains example results from fastMLA. It is comprised of example triplets for all three methods of calculating significance: the full CNM, the simple CNM, and the direct estimate method. It is intended for use with examples using mass.CNM or fastboots.GLA




A data frame containing 9 observations of 5 variables (three character("X1 or X2","X2 or X1","X3") and two numeric("est.rho1-rho0"and "GLA.value")


Generated based on results obtained using the Spellman et al. dataset using methods extended from Ho et al.


Yen-Yi Ho, Giovanni Parmigiani, Thomas A Louis, and Leslie M Cope. Modeling liquid association. Biometrics, 67(1):133-141, 2011.

Paul T Spellman, Gavin Sherlock, Michael Q Zhang, Vishwanath R Iyer, Kirk Anders, Michael B Eisen, Patrick O Brown, David Botstein, and Bruce Futcher. Comprehensive identification of cell cycle regulated genes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by microarray hybridization. Molecular biology of the cell, 9(12):3273-3297, 1998.

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