Man pages for flagme
Analysis of Metabolomics GC/MS Data

addAMDISPeaksAdd AMDIS peak detection results
addChromaTOFPeaksAdd ChromaTOF peak detection results
addXCMSPeaksAdd xcms/CAMERA peak detection results
betweenAlignmentData Structure for "between" alignment of many GCMS samples
calcTimeDiffsCalculate retention time shifts from profile alignments
clusterAlignmentData Structure for a collection of all pairwise alignments of...
compressCompress an alignment object
corPrtRetention Time Penalized Correlation
dpDynamic programming algorithm, given a similarity matrix
eitherMatrixThe 'eitherMatrix' class
gatherInfoGathers abundance informations from an alignment
imputePeaksImputatin of locations of peaks that were undetected
multipleAlignmentData Structure for multiple alignment of many GCMS samples
ndpRTRetention Time Penalized Normalized Dot Product
normDotProductNormalized Dot Product
parseChromaTOFParser for ChromaTOF files
parseELUParser for ELU files
peaksAlignmentData Structure for pairwise alignment of 2 GCMS samples
peaksDatasetData Structure for raw GCMS data and peak detection results
plotPlotting functions for GCMS data objects
plotImagePlot of images of GCMS data
progressiveAlignmentData Structure for progressive alignment of many GCMS samples
rmaFitUnitFits a robust linear model (RLM) for one metabolite
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