Man pages for flowPhyto
Methods for Continuous Flow Cytometry

censusCross tabulate a consensus vector
censusFileCreate a consensus from several classification vector files...
CHANNEL.CLMNSSeaflow detector column names
CHANNEL.CLMNS.SMSeaflow detector column names
classifyCluster the different Phytoplankton Populations
classifyFileCluster the different Phytoplankton Populations
cleanupLogsRemove R Batch Output Files.
clearOutputsClear the output files from particular flowPhyto pipeline...
cmdArgsToVariablesCreate R variables from command line parameters
combineCensusFilesCombine the Census Files.
combineSdsFilesCombine the SDS files.
consensuscreate a consensus vector from several classification vectors
consensusFileCreate a consensus from several classification vector files...
createResamplingSchemeGenerate the Population Resampling scheme.
EVT.HEADERSSeaflow File Headers
filterFilter Optimally Positioned Particles from an EVT dataframe
filterFileFilter an EVT file and output an Optimally Positioned...
getCruiseFilesGet all of the files from a cruise.
getCruisePathGet the Cruise Directory.
getFileNumberGet the (original) integer file number of any seaflow...
joinSDSjoin this dataframe to the corresponding SDS log file entry.
pipelineRun the SeaFlow Pipeline
plotCruiseStatsPlot a seaflow cruise statistics
plotCytogramPlot a Phytoplankton Cytogram
plotLatLongMapplot file location on a map
plotStatMapplot the file on a map
POP.DEFpopulation definition table
readConsensusFileRead a Consensus File.
readPopDefRead the Population Definition File.
readSeaflowRead a SeaFlow File
REPO.PATHSeaflow Data directory
summarizeSummarize phytoplankon event & log parameters
summarizeFileCompute aggregate statistics on a collection of opp or fcs...
validatePopDefValidate a Population Definition Dataframe.
writeSeaflowWrite A SeaFlow File
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