Man pages for flowSpecs
Tools for processing of high-dimensional cytometry data

arcTransEfficient inverse hyperbolic cosine transformation
correctUnmixCorrect defects in spectral unmixing by compensation
corrMatCreateGenerate a correction matrix for cytometry data analysis
flowSet2LongDfConvert a flowSet to one long dataframe with all identifiers...
flowSpecs-packageTools for processing high-dimensional cytometry files
fullPanelA fully stained spectral cytometry sample
newExprs-setThis function lets us exchange a flowframes exprs portion to...
oneVsAllPlotPlotting all variables against a single variable
peakIdentiPeak identification for higher-level functions.
peakNormNormalize batch differences in intensities by aligning peaks
specMatSpectral unmixing matrix
specMatCalcCalculating the matrix used for spectral unmixing
specUnmixSpectral unmixing of cytometry files
unmixCtrlsUnmixing controls
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