flowSpecs-package: Tools for processing high-dimensional cytometry files

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This package is intended to fill the role of conventional cytometry pre-processing software, for spectral decomposition, transformation, visualization and cleanup, and to aid further downstream analyses, such as with DepecheR, by enabling transformation of flowFrames and flowSets to dataframes. Functions for flowCore-compliant automatic 1D-gating/filtering are in the pipe line. It is worth noting here that even if there are dedicated spectral cytometers, it is possible to increase the separation of the fluorochromes in a conventional flow cytometer too, by just keeping all non-used channels open. That will however also require the use of spectral unmixing, rather than compensation, as the compensation functions generally require the compensation matrix to be symmetrical. So please open all channels, and use this software!


Maintainer: Jakob Theorell <[email protected]>

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