testGagglePackage: Run unit tests for the Gaggle Package

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There are five data types supported in the Gaggle:

  1. nameLists

  2. matrices

  3. networks

  4. tuples (environments in R)

  5. clusters (typically, row names and associated column names, selecting a submatix)

A good test of an installation, therfore, is to send each of these data types from R to an ‘echo goose’, and to make sure that the returned data is identical to that which was sent out. This function loads the RUnit package, assumes that a boss and echo goose are running and properly configured, then calls one function for each data type.


  1. Browse to http://gaggle.systemsbiology.net/projects/rValidation

  2. start the Gaggle Boss

  3. start the echo goose

  4. (back in R): testGagglePackage ()

For more details, please examine the source: unitTests/gaggleTest.R.


testGagglePackage ()


the status of the last test

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