Run unit tests for the Gaggle Package



There are five data types supported in the Gaggle:

  1. nameLists

  2. matrices

  3. networks

  4. tuples (environments in R)

  5. clusters (typically, row names and associated column names, selecting a submatix)

A good test of an installation, therfore, is to send each of these data types from R to an ‘echo goose’, and to make sure that the returned data is identical to that which was sent out. This function loads the RUnit package, assumes that a boss and echo goose are running and properly configured, then calls one function for each data type.


  1. Browse to

  2. start the Gaggle Boss

  3. start the echo goose

  4. (back in R): testGagglePackage ()

For more details, please examine the source: unitTests/gaggleTest.R.




the status of the last test