hypergraph: A package providing hypergraph data structures

A package that implements some simple capabilities for representing and manipulating hypergraphs.

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AuthorSeth Falcon, Robert Gentleman
Bioconductor views GraphAndNetwork
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerBioconductor Package Maintainer <maintainer@bioconductor.org>

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DirectedHyperedge Man page
DirectedHyperedge-class Man page
head Man page
head,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
Hyperedge Man page
Hyperedge-class Man page
hyperedgeLabels Man page
hyperedgeLabels,Hypergraph-method Man page
hyperedges Man page
hyperedges,Hypergraph-method Man page
Hypergraph Man page
Hypergraph-class Man page
inciMat Man page
inciMat2HG Man page
inciMat2HG,matrix-method Man page
inciMat,Hypergraph-method Man page
initialize,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
initialize,Hyperedge-method Man page
initialize,Hypergraph-method Man page
kCoresHypergraph Man page
l2hel Man page
label Man page
label<- Man page
label<-,Hyperedge,character-method Man page
label,Hyperedge-method Man page
nodes,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
nodes,Hyperedge-method Man page
nodes,Hypergraph-method Man page
numNodes,Hypergraph-method Man page
show,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
show,Hyperedge-method Man page
tail Man page
tail,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
toGraphNEL Man page
toGraphNEL,Hypergraph-method Man page
toUndirected Man page
toUndirected,DirectedHyperedge-method Man page
vCoverHypergraph Man page

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