Man pages for iontree
Data management and analysis of ion trees from ion-trap mass spectrometry

buildIonTreeBuild ion tree
createDBCreate a SQLite database
distMS2Distance metric for MS2 spectral similarity measurement
formatSpecFormat mass spec matrix data into a string format, or vice...
getMetaInfoGet metadata information from data file in mzXML
getMSnRawGet MSn raw data
hasMS2Check which samples have MS2 spectra generated
iontree-classClass "iontree"
iontree-packageMSn-iontree: Ion tree management and analysis
metaDataImportData entry of meta information
mzImportData entry of iontree into mz table
plot-methodsPlot iontree
plotSpectrumPlot a spectrum
rs2iontreeConvert a data frame into iontree
saveMSnRawRetrieve MS2 and MS3 data and save as R binary in the current...
searchMS2Search MS2 spectrum from sqlite database
show-methodsShow methods for class iontree
topIonsRetain spectrum with the most intense ions
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