testData: Sample Test Data for the Iterative BMA Algorithm

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This is an adapted leukemia (ALL, AML) ExpressionSet from Golub et al. (1999). This ExpressionSet consists of the expression levels from 38 ALL or AML samples (rows), and 100 genes (columns). This dataset is used as an example test data in our examples.




The ExpressionSet is called testData. Each entry in the matrix represents the expression level of one gene from an ALL or AML sample.


For illustration purposes, a subset of 100 genes from the package golubEsets is included in this package.


The golubEsets bioconductor data package, or http://www.broad.mit.edu/cgi-bin/cancer/datasets.cgi.


Golub, T.R., Slonim, D.K., Tamayo, P., Huard, C., Gaasenbeek, M., Mesirov, J.P., Coller, H., Loh, M.L., Downing, J.R., Caligiuri, M.A., et al. (1999) Molecular classification of cancer: class discovery and class prediction by gene expression monitoring. Science 286: 531-7.

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