Man pages for lmdme
Linear Model decomposition for Designed Multivariate Experiments

lmdme-biplotPlot a 'biplot' of a lmdme object
lmdme-Classlmdme S4 class: Linear Model decomposition for Designed...
lmdme-decomposition'decomposition' of lmdme object
lmdme-gettersGetters for lmdme object
lmdme-leverage'leverage' test of lmdme objects
lmdme-lmdmeHigh level constructor of lmdme class object
lmdme-loadingplot'loadingplot' of interaction PCA decomposed lmdme object
lmdme-padjust'p.adjust' of p-values for Multiple Test Comparison...
lmdme-permutation'permutation' of the specified lmdme object
lmdme-printshow'Show', 'Print' or 'Summary' a lmdme object
lmdme-screeplotPlot a 'screeplot' of a PCA decomposed lmdme object
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