Man pages for macat
MicroArray Chromosome Analysis Tool

buildMACATCreate MACAT list from objects in workspace
compute_slidingCompute and plot smoothing of expression values or scores...
discreteKernelizeDiscretize and smooth expression values
discretizeDiscretize expression values
discretizeAllDiscretize complete expression matrix
discretize_tscoresDiscretize regularized t-scores
evalScoringScore differential expression, assess significance, and...
evaluateParametersEvaluate Performance of Kernel Parameters by Cross-validation
get_resultsAccess results of 'evalScoring'
htmlHTML functions for MACAT.
kernelizeSmooth expression values or scores
kernelizeAllSmooth expression data for all chromosomes
kernelizeToPythonSmooth expression values and write to file
kernelsvarious kernel functions for computations in MACAT
loaddatapkgLoad data package
macat-internalAuxiliary Functions for Computations in MACAT
plot_MACATevalScoringPlot function for MACATevalScoring objects.
preprocessedLoaderRead in data and produce MACAT list
pythondataFlat file format
scoringCompute (regularized) t-scores for gene expression data
stjdSubset Microarray Data from St.Jude Children Research...
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