Man pages for miRNAmeConverter
Convert miRNA Names to Different miRBase Versions

assessMiRNASwappingMIMATCheck if given miRNA names can be assigned to unique MIMAT...
assessVersionAssess miRBase version
checkMiRNANameCheck miRNA names for validity
currentVersionGet current version
currentVersion-setSet current version
example.miRNAsmiRNA names.
miRNAmeConverterMiRNANameConverter constructor
MiRNANameConverterInstantiate from MiRNANameConverter class
MiRNANameConverter-ANY-methodMiRNANameConverter constructor
nOrganismsGet number of organisms
nOrganisms-setSet number of organisms
nTotalEntriesGet total number database entries
nTotalEntries-setSet total number database entries
saveResultsSave miRNA translation results
translateMiRNANameTranslate miRNA name
validOrganismsGet valid organisms
validOrganisms-setSet valid organisms
validVersionsGet valid versions
validVersions-setSet valid versions
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