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Example of mitch results. Enrichment of the Reactome gene sets in the RNA, H3K9ac and H3K36ac datasets. The structure of this data set is a list where the 1st element is "input_profile" that has been imported (data frame), 2nd element is the "input_genesets" (names list of gene names [character vectors]), 3rd is "ranked_profile" which is the input profiling data after ranking (data frame), 4th is "enrichment_result" which is a data frame which provides enrichment information on each gene set in the profiling data including s scores, p-values and FDR adjusted p-values. 5th is "analysis_metrics" (list). The 6th slot is "detailed_sets" which is a list of 5 matrices which details the enrichment of members of selected gene sets.




list of mixed data types



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