Man pages for mnem
Mixture Nested Effects Models

appProcessed scRNAseq from pooled CRISPR screens
clustNEMCluster NEM.
createAppCreating app data.
fitaccSimulation accuracy.
fuzzyindexCalculate fuzzy ground truth.
getAffinityCalculate responsibilities.
getICCalculate negative penalized log likelihood.
hamSimAccuracy for two phis.
mnemMixture NEMs - main function.
mnemhHierarchical mixture.
mnemkLearn the number of components K and optimize the mixture.
nemImplementation of the original NEM
plot.bootmnemPlot bootstrap mnem result.
plotConvergencePlot convergence of EM
plotDnfPlot disjunctive normal form.
plot.mnemPlot mnem result.
plot.mnemsimPlot simulated mixture.
scoreAdjNetwork score
simDataSimulate data.
transitive.closureTransitive closure of a directed acyclic graph (dag)
transitive.reductionTransitive reduction
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