Man pages for mosaics
MOSAiCS (MOdel-based one and two Sample Analysis and Inference for ChIP-Seq)

adjustBoundaryAdjust boundaries of peak regions
BinData-classClass "BinData"
constructBinsConstruct bin-level ChIP-sep data from an aligned read file
estimatesExtract estimates of the fitted MOSAiCS model
exportExport peak calling results to text files
extractReadsLoad read-level data and extract reads corresponding to each...
findSummitFind a summit for each peak region
fllterPeakFilter out potentially false positive peaks
generateWigConstruct wiggle files from an aligned ChIP-sep read file
mosaicsFitFit MOSAiCS model
MosaicsFit-classClass "MosaicsFit"
MosaicsFitEst-classClass "MosaicsFitEst"
mosaicsFitHMMFit MOSAiCS-HMM model
MosaicsFitParam-classClass "MosaicsFitParam"
MosaicsHMM-classClass "MosaicsHMM"
mosaics-internalInternal mosaics objects
mosaics-packageMOSAiCS (MOdel-based one and two Sample Analysis and...
mosaicsPeakCall peaks using fitted MOSAiCS model
MosaicsPeak-classClass "MosaicsPeak"
mosaicsPeakHMMCall broad peaks using fitted MOSAiCS-HMM model
MosaicsPeakParam-classClass "MosaicsPeakParam"
mosaicsRunAllAnalyze ChIP-seq data using the MOSAiCS framework
readBinsImport bin-level ChIP-sep data
TagData-classClass "TagData"
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