Man pages for msa
Multiple Sequence Alignment

msaUnified interface to multiple sequence alignment algorithms
msaCheckNamesCheck and fix sequence names
msaClustalOmegaMultiple Sequence Alignment with ClustalOmega
msaClustalWMultiple Sequence Alignment with ClustalW
msaConsensusSequence-methodsComputation of Consensus Sequence from Multiple Alignment
msaConservationScore-methodsComputation of Conservation Scores from Multiple Alignment
msaConvertConvert Multiple Sequence Alignment for Other Packages
MsaMetaData-classClass 'MsaMetaData'
MsaMultipleAlignmentClassesClasses 'MsaAAMultipleAlignment', 'MsaDNAMultipleAlignment',...
msaMuscleMultiple Sequence Alignment with MUSCLE
msa-packageMultiple Sequence Alignment
msaPrettyPrintPretty-Printing of Multiple Sequence Alignments
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