API for ncGTW
Alignment of LC-MS Profiles by Neighbor-wise Compound-specific Graphical Time Warping with Misalignment Detection

Global functions
adjustRT Man page Source code
alignData Man page
alignData,ncGTWoutput-method Man page
betEdge Source code
buildGTWgraph Source code
buildMultiParaValidmap Source code
buildPairTemplate Source code
chooseSmo Source code
compCV Man page Source code
downSample Man page
downSample,ncGTWoutput-method Man page
exclusiveGroups Source code
fillPeaksChromPar Man page Source code
findUniPeak Source code
gaussFilter Source code
getDistMat Source code
getPeaksncGTW Man page Source code
graphCut Source code
groupInfo Man page
groupInfo,ncGTWinput-method Man page
gtwCut Source code
initGtwParam Source code
initHidparam Source code
label2path Source code
loadEic Source code
loadProfile Man page Source code
meanCorOl Man page Source code
misalignDetect Man page Source code
ncGTW Man page
ncGTW-package Man page
ncGTW1stLayer Source code
ncGTWalign Man page Source code
ncGTWalignSmo Source code
ncGTWinput Man page
ncGTWinput-class Man page
ncGTWoutput Man page
ncGTWoutput-class Man page
ncGTWparam Man page
ncGTWparam-class Man page
ncGTWpath Man page
ncGTWpath,ncGTWoutput-method Man page
ncGTWpeaks Man page
ncGTWpeaks,ncGTWwarp-method Man page
ncGTWsplit Source code
ncGTWwarp Man page
ncGTWwarp-class Man page
pathCombine Source code
peakGroupPval Source code
peakGroupPvalOrder Source code
plotGroup Man page Source code
profiles Man page
profiles,ncGTWinput-method Man page
rt2scan Source code
rtRaw Man page
rtRaw,ncGTWinput-method Man page
rtncGTW Man page
rtncGTW,ncGTWwarp-method Man page
scanRange Man page
scanRange,ncGTWoutput-method Man page
smoTest Source code
splitGroupPval Source code
valid_ncGTWinput Source code
valid_ncGTWoutput Source code
valid_ncGTWwarp Source code
warpCurve Source code
xcmsExamples Man page
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