Man pages for ncGTW
Alignment of LC-MS Profiles by Neighbor-wise Compound-specific Graphical Time Warping with Misalignment Detection

adjustRTAdjust retention time
compCVCompare CV
fillPeaksChromParEdited XCMS fillPeaksChromPar for feature-wise warping...
getPeaksncGTWEdited XCMS getPeaks for feature-wise warping functions
loadProfileLoad sample profiles for each peak group
meanCorOlCompute average pairwise correlation and overlapping area
misalignDetectDetect misaligned peak groups in xcmsSet object of XCMS
ncGTWalignRun ncGTW alignment
ncGTWinput-classClass "ncGTWinput"
ncGTWoutput-classClass "ncGTWoutput"
ncGTW-packagencGTW: A package for detecting and aligning the misaligned...
ncGTWparam-classClass "ncGTWparam"
ncGTWwarp-classClass "ncGTWwarp"
plotGroupPlot profiles for each peak group
xcmsExamplesExamples of xcmsSet for inputs of ncGTW
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