Man pages for pathprint
Pathway fingerprinting for analysis of gene expression arrays

consensusDistanceCalculate a distribution of distances from a consensus...
consensusFingerprintConstruct a consensus fingerprint
customCDFAnnMap probes to Entrez Gene IDs
diffPathwaysDetect differentially activated pathways between fingerprints
exprs2fingerprintCreate a pathway fingerprint from a gene expression table.
genesetsNames of genesets used in pathprint
pathprint.Ce.gsPathprint genesets - C. elegans
pathprint.Dm.gsPathprint genesets - D. melanogaster
pathprint.Dr.gsPathprint genesets - D. rerio
pathprint.Hs.gsPathprint genesets - H. sapiens
pathprint.Mm.gsPathprint genesets - M. musculus
pathprint-packagePathway fingerprinting for analysis of gene expression arrays
pathprint.Rn.gsPathprint genesets - R. norvegicus
platform.thresholdsPathway fingerprint threshold values
pluripotents.frameManually curated list of pluripotent arrays
single.chip.enrichmentCalculate enrichment of a list of genesets in an array
thresholdFingerprintApply threshold values to produce a Pathway Fingerprint
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