Man pages for plgem
Detect differential expression in microarray and proteomics datasets with the Power Law Global Error Model (PLGEM)

LPSesetExpressionSet for Testing PLGEM
plgem.degSelection of Differentially Expressed Genes/Proteins With...
plgem.fitPLGEM Fitting and Evaluation
plgem.obsStnComputation of Observed PLGEM-STN Statistics
plgem.pValueComputation of PLGEM p-values
plgem.resampledStnComputation of Resampled PLGEM-STN Statistics
plgem.write.summaryWrite the Result of a PLGEM Analysis to the Working Directory
run.plgemWrapper for Power Law Global Error Model (PLGEM) analysis...
setGparSet graphical parameters for PLGEM fitting evaluation plots
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