Man pages for prada
Data analysis for cell-based functional assays

analysePlateApply a statistic to the data from each well in a plate
as.allCoercion without introduction of NAs
barploterrbarBarplot with error bars.
combineFramesCombine the cytoFrames within a cytoSet according to some...
csApplyApply a function over the intensities in a cytoSet
cytoFrame-class'cytoFrame': a class for storing observed quantitative...
cytoSet-class'cytoSet': a class for storing raw data from a quantitative...
data-cytoFrameA sample cytoFrame object - German Cancer Research Center...
data-cytoSetA sample cytoSet object - German Cancer Research Center...
devDimsDevice Dimensions for plate plots
devResResolution of current plotting device
fitNorm2Fit bivariate normal distribution.
gate-class'gate': a class for subsetting flow-cytometry data by...
gateSet-class'gateSet': a class for subsetting flow-cytometry data by...
getAlphaNumericConvert from plate coordinates to alphanumeric notation.
getPradaParSet and query global parameters for functions in the prada...
new-internalInternal functions called by other gating functions
plotNorm2Plot fitted bivariate normal distribution.
plotPlatePlot a well statistic for microtiter plates.
readCytoSetCreate a cytoSet object from one or more FCS 3.0 files
readFCSRead an FCS file
readFCSauxAuxiliary functions for readFCS
removeCensoredRemove rows that contain censored data
tcltkProgressA simple tcltk progress window
threePanelPlotVisualize cytometry data
thresholdsDiscretize a two-dimensional data space into quadrants by...
touchFCSCheck for FCS files
vpLocationAbsolute location of current viewport
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