rexposome: rexposome: Package for exposome exploration and outcome data...

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#' @section exposures loading and exposures managment: rexposome offers two methods to bring exposome data to R and Bioconductor. readExposome allows to read three txt-like files (.csv, .tsv, ...) while loadExposome is sued with matrix and data.frames. The class obtained is an ExposomeSet, a class based in eSet for exposome data managment.

exposures processing

The packages offers a wide set of functions to preprocess exposome data. Method trans allow to transforms the exposures, method normalityTest allows to check for normality in exposome, standardize allows to standardize the exposures, among others. Finally, impute and ilod allow tu use mice, Hmisc and imputeLCMD for exposure missing data and exposure under-lod data imputation.

exposures analyses

the two methods exwas and mexwas allows to test the association between exposures and health outcomes (phenotpe data).

exposures plotting

The methods plotFamily allows to see how the exposures behaves within families. plotCorrelation helps to understand how exposures are related between themselves. plotClassification allos to visually detect cuslters of samples that share the same pattern of levels of exposures.

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