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While the circos plot can be used to see the general behaviours intra and extra families of exposures, the matrix plot allows for a detailed view of the correlations within an ExposomeCorr object.


plotCorrelation(object, type = "circos", ...)



ExposomeCorr which correlations will be plotted.


(default "circos") Can take both "circos" or "matrix".


Arguments given to corrplot of package corrplot if a matrix is draw. Moreover extra arguments are can be passed to inner functions to draw both the matrix and the circos of correlations.


A list with different graphics parameters.

See Also

correlation as a constructor for ExposomeCorr objects, pca to compute PCA on exposures


expo.c <- correlation(expo)
plotCorrelation(expo.c, type="circos")
plotCorrelation(expo.c, type="matrix")

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