Man pages for rhdf5
R Interface to HDF5

H5HDF5 General Library Functions
H5AHDF5 Attribute Interface
h5closeAllClose all open HDF5 handles
h5constHDF5 library constants.
h5createAttributeCreate HDF5 attribute
h5createDatasetCreate HDF5 dataset
h5createFileCreate HDF5 file
h5createGroupCreate HDF5 group
H5DHDF5 Dataset Interface
h5deleteDelete contents of HDF5 file
h5errorHandlinghandling of HDF5 error messages
H5FHDF5 File Interface
h5fileLockingTest and set file locking for HDF5
H5GHDF5 Group Interface
H5IHDF5 Identifier Interface
H5IdComponent-classClass "H5IdComponent"
H5LHDF5 Link Interface
h5listIdentifierlist all valid H5 identifier.
h5lsList the content of an HDF5 file.
H5OHDF5 Object Interface
H5PHDF5 Property List Interface
H5P_DATASET_ACCESSHDF5 File Access Property List Interface
H5P_DATASET_CREATEHDF5 Dataset Create Property List Interface
H5P_FILE_ACCESSHDF5 Dataset Access Property List Interface
H5P_LINK_CREATEHDF5 Link Create Property List Interface
H5SHDF5 Dataspace Interface
h5saveSaves a series of objects to an HDF5 file.
h5set_extentSet a new dataset extension
H5THDF5 Datatype Interface
h5versionrhdf5 and libhdf5 version numbers
h5writeReads and write object in HDF5 files
methods-AndMethods for Function '&' in Package 'rhdf5'
methods-Dollar1Methods for Function '$' in Package 'rhdf5'
methods-Dollar2~~ Methods for Function '$<-' in Package 'rhdf5' ~~
methods-subset1Methods for Function '[' in Package 'rhdf5'
methods-subset2Methods for Function '[<-' in Package 'rhdf5'
rhdf5Package overview
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