lowarp: A multi response optimization data set (LOWARP)

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This example concerns the development of a polymer similar to that used in the plastic covering of mobile phones. The desired profile of the polymer was low warp and high strength. Four constituents (glas, crtp, mica, and amtp) were varied in the polymer formulation by means of a 17 run mixture design. For each new polymer, i.e., each new experiment in the mixture design, 14 responses relating to both warp and strength were measured on the product. The objective of the data analysis was to uncover which combination of factors (the four ingredients) gave polymers with low warp and high strength. The data set contains 10 missing values (NA).


A data frame with the following parameters:


Data frame (numeric type only; the first column can be transformed into row names) with 17 rows and 19 columns corresponding to the subject's 'num'ber (column 1), the 4 constituent variables (columns 2-5), the 8 warp responses (columns 6-13), and the 6 strength responses (columns 14-19). For details see the 'Format' section above.


Eriksson et al. (2006). Multi- and Megarvariate Data Analysis. Umetrics Academy. pp.16, 77, 209.

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