safe: Significance Analysis of Function and Expression

SAFE is a resampling-based method for testing functional categories in gene expression experiments. SAFE can be applied to 2-sample and multi-class comparisons, or simple linear regressions. Other experimental designs can also be accommodated through user-defined functions.

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AuthorWilliam T. Barry
Bioconductor views DifferentialExpression GeneSetEnrichment Pathways Software StatisticalMethod
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerWilliam T. Barry <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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error.FDR.BH Man page
error.FDR.YB Man page
error.FWER.Bonf Man page
error.FWER.Holm Man page
error.FWER.WY Man page
gene.results Man page
getCmatrix Man page
getCOXresiduals Man page
getPIcomplete Man page
getPImatrix Man page
getXYresiduals Man page
global.AveDiff Man page
global.Fisher Man page
global.Kolmogorov Man page
global.Pearson Man page
global.Wilcoxon Man page
local.f.ANOVA Man page
local.t.LM Man page
local.t.paired Man page
local.t.Student Man page
local.t.Welch Man page
p53.stat Man page
safe Man page
SAFE-class Man page
safedag Man page
[,SAFE-method Man page
safe-package Man page
safeplot Man page
safe.toptable Man page
show,SAFE-method Man page
sigfig Man page

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