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In additon to generating spatial heatmaps and corresponding item (genes, proteins, metabolites, etc.) context plots from R, spatialHeatmap includes a Shiny App ( that provides access to the same functionalities from an intuitive-to-use web browser interface. Apart from being very user-friendly, this App conveniently organizes the results of the entire visualization workflow in a single browser window with options to adjust the parameters of the individual components interactively. Upon launched, the app automatically displays a pre-formatted example. To use this app, the data matrix (e.g. gene expression matrix) and aSVG image are uploaded as tabular text (e.g. in CSV or TSV format) and SVG file, respectively. To also allow users to upload data matrix stored in SummarizedExperiment objects, one can export them from R to a tabular file with the filter_data function. In this function call, the user sets a desired directory path under dir. Within this directory the tabular file will be written to "customComputedData/sub_matrix.txt" in TSV format. The column names in the exported tabular file preserve the experimental design information from the colData slot by concatenating the corresponding sample and condition information separated by double underscores. To interactively view functional descriptions by moving the cursor over network nodes, the corresponding annotation column needs to be present in the rowData slot and its column name assigned to the ann argument. In the exported tabular file the extra annotation column is appended to the expression matrix. See function filter_data for details. If the subsetted data matrix in the Matrix Heatmap is too large, e.g. >10,000 rows, the "customComputedData" under "Step 1: data sets" is recommended. Since this subsetted matrix is fed to the Network, and the internal computation of adjacency matrix and module identification would be intensive. In order to protect the app from crash, the intensive computation should be performed outside the app, then upload the results under "customComputedData". When using "customComputedData", the data matrix to upload is the subsetted matrix "sub_matrix.txt" generated with submatrix, which is a TSV-tabular text file. The adjacency matrix and module assignment to upload are "adj.txt" and "mod.txt" generated in function adj_mod respectively. Note, "sub_matrix.txt", "adj.txt", and "mod.txt" are downstream to the same call on filter_data, so the three files should not be mixed between different filtering when uploading. See the instruction page in the app for details. The large matrix issue could be resolved by increasing the subsetting strigency to get smaller matrix in submatrix in most cases. Only in rare cases users cannot avoid very large subsetted matrix, the "customComputedData" is recommended.




A web browser based Shiny app.


No argument is required, this function launches the Shiny app directly.


Jianhai Zhang;
Dr. Thomas Girke


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