Man pages for spkTools
Methods for Spike-in Arrays

affySpikeInExpressionSet of Affymetrix Spike-in Experiment Data
plotSpkBoxBoxplots of Fold Changes Calculated by spkBox
SpikeInExpressSet-classClass to Contain and Describe High-Throughput Expression...
spkAccSDAccuracy Standard Deviation
spkAllSpike-in Functions Wrapper
spkAnovaAnova Model for Microarray Spike-in Data
spkBalQuantify Microarry Spike-in Design Imbalance
spkBoxFold Change Calculations
spkDensitySpike-in Density Plot
spkGNNGenes Needed to Detect N True Positives
spkMAMA Plots
spkPairPairwise Comparisons for Spike-in Genes
spkPairNSPairwise Comparisons for Non-Spike-in Genes
spkPotProbability of being in the Top
spkQuantileEmpirical Quantiles
spkSlopeSignal Detect Slope Plot
spkToolsTools for Spike-in Data Analysis and Visualization
spkVarSpike-in Variance
summarySpkBoxSummary of Fold Changes Calculated by spkBox
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