stageRClass: The stageR class

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This class is used for adjusting p-values with stage-wise testing for high-throughput studies.



A vector of p-values for the screening hypothesis.


A matrix of p-values for the confirmation hypotheses.


A matrix of adjusted p-values. This slot should be accessed through getAdjustedPValues,stageR,logical,logical-method. Alternatively, significance results can be accessed through getResults,stageR-method.


Character string indicating the method used for FWER correction in the confirmation stage of the stage-wise analysis. Can be any of "none", "holm", "dte", "dtu", "user". "none" will not adjust the p-values in the confirmation stage. "holm" is an adapted Holm procedure for a stage-wise analysis, where the method takes into account the fact that genes in the confirmation stage have already passed the screening stage, hence the procedure will be more powerful for the most significant p-value as compared to the standard Holm procedure. "dte" is the adjusted Holm-Shaffer procedure for differential transcript expression analysis. "dtu" is the adjusted Holm-Shaffer procedure for differential transcript usage. "user" indicates a user-defined adjustment that should be specified with the adjustment argument.


the OFDR level on which the stage-wise analysis should be controlled.


the adjusted significance level to compare against FWER-adjusted p-values of the confirmation stage to decide on significance of the hypothesis test.


logical, indicating whether the supplied p-values for the screening hypothesis have already been adjusted for multiplicity according to the FDR.


matrix with transcript IDs in the first column and gene IDs in the second column to be used for DTE and DTU analysis. All rownames from pConfirmation should match with a transcript ID and all names from pScreen should match with a gene ID.


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