Man pages for tkWidgets
R based tk widgets

appendSepDirList File and Directories for a Given Path
args2XMLConverting the formal arguments to a function and converts...
argsWidgetFunctions to construct a widget that takes inputs from users
colInfo-classClass "colInfo" presents column information for a data frame
dataViewerFunction to view a data object passed
dbArgsWidgetFunction to build a widget for inputing database arguments
DPExplorerFunctions constuct a widget to explore BioC's data packages
eExplorerA widget that allows users to explore the example code and...
fileBrowserSimple Interface to View and Pick Files
fileWizardA function that import a text file into R
getLightTWFunction to create a light weight widget showing a text...
getWvaluesObtaining values of widgets on a given widget
guess.sepAutomatically determines whether a data file has a header and...
hasCharString Prefix and Suffix Checking
importPhenoDataFunctions to input data for an AnnotatedDataFrame object
importWizardA widget for importing data to R
listSelectUtilities Creating a Widget With Selection Boxes
objectBrowserView the Objects in the Workspace
objNameToListConvert Object Names to List of Lists with (name, object)...
objViewerShow the Content of an R Object in a Widget
pExplorerA widget to explore R packages
pickFilesPick Elements From Vector of Strings
pickItemsFunction that builds a widget to allow users to select items...
pickObjsDetermine What to Be Sent to a Widget
setArgsListFunctions to support importWizard
stdTypeProvide Default Behavior for listSelect Helper Functions
tkMIAMESimple Interface to enter experimental design information
tkphenoDataSimple interface to enter AnnotatedDataFrame
tkSampleNamesSimple interface to associate sample names with files
values.WidgetDeal with Names and Values of Widget Created by...
vExplorerAn interface to interact with vignette code chunks
widgetRenderRender a Tk Widget from Given Specifications
WNameAccessors for Primitive Widget Objects
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