tkWidgets: R based tk widgets

Widgets to provide user interfaces. tcltk should have been installed for the widgets to run.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJ. Zhang <>
Bioconductor views Infrastructure
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJ. Zhang <>

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Man pages

appendSepDir: List File and Directories for a Given Path

args2XML: Converting the formal arguments to a function and converts...

argsWidget: Functions to construct a widget that takes inputs from users

colInfo-class: Class "colInfo" presents column information for a data frame

dataViewer: Function to view a data object passed

dbArgsWidget: Function to build a widget for inputing database arguments

DPExplorer: Functions constuct a widget to explore BioC's data packages

eExplorer: A widget that allows users to explore the example code and...

fileBrowser: Simple Interface to View and Pick Files

fileWizard: A function that import a text file into R

getLightTW: Function to create a light weight widget showing a text...

getWvalues: Obtaining values of widgets on a given widget

guess.sep: Automatically determines whether a data file has a header and...

hasChar: String Prefix and Suffix Checking

importPhenoData: Functions to input data for an AnnotatedDataFrame object

importWizard: A widget for importing data to R

listSelect: Utilities Creating a Widget With Selection Boxes

objectBrowser: View the Objects in the Workspace

objNameToList: Convert Object Names to List of Lists with (name, object)...

objViewer: Show the Content of an R Object in a Widget

pExplorer: A widget to explore R packages

pickFiles: Pick Elements From Vector of Strings

pickItems: Function that builds a widget to allow users to select items...

pickObjs: Determine What to Be Sent to a Widget

setArgsList: Functions to support importWizard

stdType: Provide Default Behavior for listSelect Helper Functions

tkMIAME: Simple Interface to enter experimental design information

tkphenoData: Simple interface to enter AnnotatedDataFrame

tkSampleNames: Simple interface to associate sample names with files

values.Widget: Deal with Names and Values of Widget Created by...

vExplorer: An interface to interact with vignette code chunks

widgetRender: Render a Tk Widget from Given Specifications

WName: Accessors for Primitive Widget Objects


addArgs Man page
appendSepDir Man page
args2XML Man page
argsWidget Man page
assignArgs Man page
assignColInfo Man page
assignCState Man page
assignLineData Man page
assignShowNum Man page
changeState Man page
charOrNum Man page
colInfo Man page
colInfo-class Man page
colName Man page
colName<- Man page
colName<-,colInfo-method Man page
colName,colInfo-method Man page
colType Man page
colType<- Man page
colType<-,colInfo-method Man page
colType,colInfo-method Man page
convert2PData Man page
createPData Man page
dataViewer Man page
dbArgsWidget Man page
DPExplorer Man page
dropArgs Man page
dropColumn Man page
dropOrNot Man page
dropOrNot<- Man page
dropOrNot<-,colInfo-method Man page
dropOrNot,colInfo-method Man page
eExplorer Man page
fileBrowser Man page
fileWizard Man page
find.type Man page
finish Man page
formatArg Man page
funcs2Char Man page
getAFrame Man page
getArgs Man page
getColInfo Man page
getCovarDesc Man page
getCState Man page
getExclude Man page
getExCode Man page
getFileContents Man page
getHelpFile Man page
getLightTW Man page
getLineData Man page
getMoreArgs Man page
getName4Data Man page
getOBJWidget Man page
getPkgContents Man page
getPWidget Man page
getRowNames Man page
getRPkgs Man page
getShowNum Man page
getSNCNums Man page
getState1Frame Man page
getState2Frame Man page
getState3Frame Man page
getSymbol Man page
getTopCan Man page
getTopLevel Man page
getTrueNullNa Man page
getWvalues Man page
guess.header Man page
guess.sep Man page
hasChar Man page
hasDesc Man page
hasPrefix Man page
hasSuffix Man page
importPhenoData Man page
importWizard Man page
initImportWizard Man page
listSelect Man page
loadDataPkg Man page
makePhenoData Man page
moreArgs Man page
noAuto Man page
objectBrowser Man page
objExists Man page
objNameToList Man page
objViewer Man page
pExplorer Man page
pickFiles Man page
pickItems Man page
pickObjs Man page
popStartLine Man page
print.pWidget Man page
print.Widget Man page
procHelp Man page
procHTML Man page
procPDF Man page
procRda Man page
readFileByLines Man page
setArgsList Man page
setColInfos Man page
setColName Man page
setColType Man page
setNewState Man page
setQuote Man page
setQuoteList Man page
setSepRadios Man page
setSkip Man page
setState1BFrame Man page
setState1MFrame Man page
setState1TFrame Man page
setState2BFrame Man page
setState2MFrame Man page
setState3BFrame Man page
setState3TFrame Man page
showData4State1 Man page
showData4State2 Man page
stdType Man page
stdView Man page
tkMIAME Man page
tkphenoData Man page
tkSampleNames Man page
values.Widget Man page
vExplorer Man page
viewVignette Man page
WbuttonFun Man page
WbuttonText Man page
WcanEdit Man page
WEnd Man page
WfromText Man page
whatDeli Man page
widgetRender Man page
WLValue Man page
WLValue<- Man page
WName Man page
WpostFun Man page
WpreFun Man page
WRButtons Man page
writeBut Man page
writeCol4Matrix Man page
writeLabel Man page
writePDRowNames Man page
writePhenoTable Man page
writeSelBox Man page
WtoText Man page
WValue Man page
WValue<- Man page
WwList Man page
WwList<- Man page


R/DPExplorer.R R/appendSepDir.R R/args2XML.R R/argsWidget.R R/dataViewer.R R/dbArgsWidget.R R/eExplorer.R R/fileBrowser.R R/fileWizard.R R/getLightTW.R R/getWvalues.R R/guess.sep.R R/hasChar.R R/importPhenoData.R R/importWizard.R R/initColInfo.R R/listSelect.R R/objNameToList.R R/objViewer.R R/objectBrowser.R R/pExplorer.R R/pickFiles.R R/pickItems.R R/pickObjs.R R/print.Widget.R R/print.pWidget.R R/renderFuns.R R/stdType.R R/tkMIAME.R R/tkSampleNames.R R/tkphenoData.R R/vExplorer.R R/values.Widget.R R/widgetRender.R R/zzz.R
man/DPExplorer.Rd man/WName.Rd man/appendSepDir.Rd man/args2XML.Rd man/argsWidget.Rd man/colInfo-class.Rd man/dataViewer.Rd man/dbArgsWidget.Rd man/eExplorer.Rd man/fileBrowser.Rd man/fileWizard.Rd man/getLightTW.Rd man/getWvalues.Rd man/guess.sep.Rd man/hasChar.Rd man/importPhenoData.Rd man/importWizard.Rd man/listSelect.Rd man/objNameToList.Rd man/objViewer.Rd man/objectBrowser.Rd man/pExplorer.Rd man/pickFiles.Rd man/pickItems.Rd man/pickObjs.Rd man/setArgsList.Rd man/stdType.Rd man/tkMIAME.Rd man/tkSampleNames.Rd man/tkphenoData.Rd man/vExplorer.Rd man/values.Widget.Rd man/widgetRender.Rd

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