Man pages for weitrix
Tools for matrices with precision weights, test and explore weighted or sparse data

as_weitrixConvert data to a weitrix
bless_weitrixBless a SummarizedExperiment as a weitrix
components_seq_screeProportion more variance explained by adding components one...
counts_proportionsProduce a weitrix of proportions within groups
counts_shiftProduce a weitrix of shift scores
matrix_longConvert a matrix to long form for ggplotting
simweiSimulated weitrix dataset.
weitrix_calibrateAdjust weights row-wise based on given row dispersions
weitrix_calibrate_allAdjust weights element-wise by fitting a trend to squared...
weitrix_calibrate_trendAdjust weights row-wise by fitting a trend to estimated...
weitrix_calplotWeight calibration plots, optionally versus a covariate
weitrix_componentsPrincipal components of a weitrix
weitrix_confectsTop confident effects based on one or more contrasts of a...
weitrix_dispersionsCalculate row dispersions
weitrix_elistConvert a weitrix object to a limma EList object
weitrix_hillCalculate Hill numbers (effective number of observations) for...
weitrix_randomizeGenerate a random normally distributed version of a weitrix
weitrix_sd_confectsFind rows with confidently excessive variability in a...
weitrix_weightsGet or set a weitrix object's "weights" matrix
weitrix_xGet or set a weitrix object's "x" matrix
well_knotted_splineNatural cubic spline with good choice of knots
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