Man pages for ABHgenotypeR
Easy Visualization of ABH Genotypes

ABHgenotypeRABHgenotypeR: A package for easy visualization and...
correctStretchesCorrect short miscalled stretches based on flanking alleles.
correctUndercalledHetsCorrect undercalled heterozygous sites based on flanking...
imputeByFlanksImpute missing genotypes based on flanking alleles
plotAlleleFreqPlot the parental allele frequencies along the chromosomes.
plotCompareGenosCompare to genotype matrices
plotGenosPlot graphical genotypes.
plotMarkerDensityPlot the marker density along the chromosomes.
readABHgenotypesRead in the output of the genosToABH plugin.
reportGenosReport the total and relative number of each allele in a...
writeABHgenotypesExport a genotype list to a .csv file.
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