ACNE-package: Package ACNE

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A summarization method to estimate allele-specific copy number signals for Affymetrix SNP microarrays using non-negative matrix factorization (NMF).

Installation and updates

This package requires the aroma.affymetrix package. To install this package, do: install.packages("ACNE")

To get started

  1. For a one-command pipeline, see the doACNE() method.

  2. For other usages, see the NmfPlm class.


LGPL (>= 2.1)


Maria Ortiz, Henrik Bengtsson, Angel Rubio


[1] M. Ortiz-Estevez, H. Bengtsson, A. Rubio, ACNE: a summarization method to estimate allele-specific copy numbers for Affymetrix SNP arrays, Bioinformatics, 2010 [PMC2913655].

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