Man pages for Amelia
A Program for Missing Data

africaEconomic and Political Indictors in 6 African States
ameliaAMELIA: Multiple Imputation of Incomplete Multivariate Data
ameliabindCombine multiple runs of Amelia
ameliaguiInteractive GUI for Amelia
amelia.packageAmelia II: A Program for Missing Data
AmeliaViewInteractive GUI for Amelia
combine.outputCombine Multiple Amelia Output Lists
compare.densityCompare observed versus imputed densities
disperseOverdispersed starting values diagnostic for multiple...
freetradeTrade Policy and Democracy in 9 Asian States
mi.meldCombine Multiple Results From Multiply Imputed Datasets
missmapMissingness Map
moPrepPrepare Multiple Overimputation Settings
overimputeOverimputation diagnostic plot
plot.ameliaSummary plots for Amelia objects
summary.ameliaSummary of an Amelia object
transform.ameliaTransform imputed datasets from Amelia objects
tscsPlotPlot observed and imputed time-series for a single...
write.ameliaWrite Amelia imputations to file
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