freetrade: Trade Policy and Democracy in 9 Asian States

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Trade Policy and Democracy in 9 Asian States


Economic and political data on nine developing countries in Asia from 1980 to 1999. This dataset includes 9 variables including year, country, average tariff rates, Polity IV score, total population, gross domestic product per capita, gross international reserves, a dummy variable for if the country had signed an IMF agreement in that year, a measure of financial openness, and a measure of US hegemony. These data were used in Milner and Kubota (2005).




A data frame with 10 variables and 171 observations.


World Bank, World Trade Organization, Polity IV and others.


Helen Milner and Keiko Kubota (2005), “Why the move to free trade? Democracy and trade policy in the developing countries.” International Organization, Vol 59, Issue 1.

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