Man pages for Andromeda
Asynchronous Disk-Based Representation of Massive Data

Andromeda-classThe Andromeda class
andromeda_constructorCreate an Andromeda object
Andromeda-packageAndromeda: Asynchronous Disk-Based Representation of Massive...
appendToTableAppend to an Andromeda table
batchApplyApply a function to batches of data in an Andromeda table
batchTestApply a boolean test to batches of data in an Andromeda table...
copyAndromedaCopy Andromeda
createIndexCreate an index on one or more columns in an Andromeda table
getAndromedaTempDiskSpaceGet the available disk space in Andromeda temp
groupApplyApply a function to groups of data in an Andromeda table
isAndromedaCheck whether an object is an Andromeda object
isValidAndromedaCheck whether an Andromeda object is still valid
listIndicesList all indices on an Andromeda table
loadAndromedaLoad Andromeda from file
removeIndexRemoves an index from an Andromeda table
restoreDateRestore dates
restorePosixctRestore timestamps
saveAndromedaSave Andromeda to file
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