Man pages for Anthropometry
Statistical Methods for Anthropometric Data

anthrCasesHelper generic function for obtaining the anthropometric...
Anthropometry-internalArchetypoidsSeveral internal functions to compute and represent...
Anthropometry-internalHipamAnthropomSeveral internal functions used by both $HIPAM_MO$ and...
Anthropometry-internalPlotTreeSeveral internal functions used to build the HIPAM plot tree
Anthropometry-internalTDDclustSeveral internal functions to clustering based on the L1 data...
Anthropometry-packageStatistical Methods for Anthropometric Data
archetypesBoundaryArchetypal analysis in multivariate accommodation problem
archetypoidsFinding archetypoids
array3DlandmHelper function for the 3D landmarks
bustSizesStandardHelper function for defining the bust sizes
CCbiclustAnthropoCheng and Church biclustering algorithm applied to...
cdfDissWomenPrototypesCDF for the dissimilarities between women and computed...
checkBranchLocalIMOEvaluation of the candidate clustering partition in...
checkBranchLocalMOEvaluation of the candidate clustering partition in...
computSizesHipamAnthropomComputation of the hipamAnthropom elements for a given number...
computSizesTrimowaComputation of the trimowa elements for a given number of...
cube34landmCube of 34 landmarks
cube8landmCube of 8 landmarks
descrDissTrunksDescription of the dissimilarities between women's trunks
figures8landmFigures of 8 landmarks with labelled landmarks
getBestPamsamIMOGeneration of the candidate clustering partition in...
getBestPamsamMOGeneration of the candidate clustering partition in...
getDistMatrixDissimilarity matrix between individuals and prototypes
HartiganShapesHartigan-Wong k-means for 3D shapes
hipamAnthropomHIPAM algorithm for anthropometric data
landmarksSampleSpaSurvLandmarks of the sampled women of the Spanish Survey
LloydShapesLloyd k-means for 3D shapes
nearestToArchetypesNearest individuals to archetypes
optraShapesAuxiliary optra subroutine of the Hartigan-Wong k-means for...
overlapBiclustersByRowsOverlapped biclusters by rows
parallelep34landmParallelepiped of 34 landmarks
parallelep8landmParallelepiped of 8 landmarks
percentilsArchetypoidHelper function for computing percentiles of a certain...
plotPrototypesPrototypes representation
plotTreeHipamAnthropomHIPAM dendogram
plotTrimmOutlTrimmed or outlier observations representation
preprocessingData preprocessing before computing archetypal observations
projShapesHelper function for plotting the shapes
qtranShapesAuxiliary qtran subroutine of the Hartigan-Wong k-means for...
sampleSpanishSurveySample database of the Spanish anthropometric survey
screeArchetypalScreeplot of archetypal individuals
shapes3dShapes3D shapes plot
skeletonsArchetypalSkeleton plot of archetypal individuals
stepArchetypesRawDataArchetype algorithm to raw data
stepArchetypoidsRun the archetypoid algorithm several times
TDDclustTrimmed clustering based on L1 data depth
trimmedLloydShapesTrimmed Lloyd k-means for 3D shapes
trimmedoidTrimmed k-medoids algorithm
trimmOutlHelper generic function for obtaining the trimmed and outlier...
trimowaTrimmed PAM with OWA operators
USAFSurveyUSAF 1967 survey
weightsMixtureUBCalculation of the weights for the OWA operators
xyplotPCArchetypesPC scores for archetypes
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