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Interface to 'Kusto'/'Azure Data Explorer'

add_op_joinAppend a join operation to the tbl_kusto object's ops list
add_op_set_opAppend a set operation to the tbl_kusto object's ops list
add_op_singleAppend an operation representing a single-table verb to the...
az_kustoKusto/Azure Data Explorer cluster resource class
az_kusto_databaseKusto/Azure Data Explorer database resource class
AzureKustoDBI interface: connect to a Kusto cluster
AzureKustoConnection-classKusto DBI connection class
AzureKustoDriver-classKusto DBI driver class
AzureKustoResult-classKusto DBI result class
base_aggAggregation function translations
base_scalarScalar operator translations (infix and prefix)
base_windowWindow function translations
build_kqlBuild a KQL string.
collect.tbl_kustoCompile the preceding dplyr oprations into a kusto query,...
compute.tbl_kustoExecute the query, store the results in a table, and return a...
copy_to.kusto_database_endpointThis function uploads a local data frame into a remote data...
create_kusto_clusterCreate Kusto/Azure Data Explorer cluster
database_endpointEndpoints for communicating with a Kusto database
DBI_queryDBI methods for Kusto queries and commands
DBI_tableDBI methods for Kusto table management
delete_kusto_clusterDelete Kusto/Azure Data Explorer cluster
escapeEscape/quote a string.
flatten_queryWalks the tree of ops and builds a stack.
get_kusto_clusterGet existing Kusto/Azure Data Explorer cluster
get_kusto_tokenManage AAD authentication tokens for Kusto clusters
identFlag a character string as a Kusto identifier
ident_qPass an already-escaped string to Kusto
ingestIngestion functions for Kusto
isInformation functions
joinJoin methods for Kusto tables
kqlTag character strings as Kusto Query Language. Assumes the...
kql_aggregateReturn a function representing a KQL aggregation function
kql_buildBuild the tbl object into a data structure representing a...
kql_build.op_mutatedplyr's mutate verb can include aggregations, but Kusto's...
kql_escape_identEscape a Kusto identifer with [' ']
kql_escape_ident_qPass through an already-escaped Kusto identifier
kql_escape_logicalEscape a Kusto logical value. Converts TRUE/FALSE to true /...
kql_escape_stringEscape a Kusto string by single-quoting
kql_infixReturn a function representing a scalar KQL infix operator
kql_prefixReturn a function representing a scalar KQL prefix function
kql_quoteHelper function for quoting kql elements.
kql_renderRender a set of operations on a tbl_kusto_abstract to a Kusto...
kql_translate_envBuild a kql_variant class out of the environments holding...
kql_translatorBuilds an environment from a list of R -> Kusto query...
kql_windowReturn a function representing a KQL window function
kusto-DBIDBI interface to Kusto
nest.tbl_kusto_abstractNest method for Kusto tables
op_baseThe "base case" operation representing the tbl itself and its...
op_doubleA double-table verb, e.g. joins, setops
op_grpsLook up the applicable grouping variables for an operation...
op_singleA class representing a single-table verb
op_varsLook up the applicable variables in scope for a given...
partial_evalPartially evaluate an expression.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
run_queryRun a query or command against a Kusto database
show_query.tbl_kusto_abstractTranslate a sequence of dplyr operations on a tbl into a...
summariseSummarise method for Kusto tables
tbl_kustoA tbl object representing a table in a Kusto database.
tbl_kusto_abstractCreate a local lazy tbl
translate_kqlTranslate R expressions into Kusto Query Language...
unnest.tbl_kusto_abstractUnnest method for Kusto tables
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