Man pages for AzureStor
Storage Management in 'Azure'

adlsOperations on an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 filesystem
adls_filesystemOperations on an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 endpoint
azcopyCall the azcopy file transfer utility
az_storageStorage account resource class
blobOperations on a blob container or blob
blob_containerOperations on a blob endpoint
create_storage_accountCreate Azure storage account
delete_storage_accountDelete an Azure storage account
fileOperations on a file share
file_shareOperations on a file endpoint
file_transferUpload and download generics
genericsStorage client generics
get_storage_accountGet existing Azure storage account(s)
leaseOperations on blob leases
metadataGet/set user-defined metadata for a storage object
propertiesGet storage properties for an object
sasGenerate shared access signatures
sign_requestSigns a request to the storage REST endpoint with a shared...
snapshotCreate, list and delete blob snapshots
storage_callCarry out operations on a storage account container or...
storage_endpointCreate a storage endpoint object
storage_saveSave and load R objects to/from a storage account
storage_writeRead and write a data frame to/from a storage account
versionList and delete blob versions
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