Man pages for BAT
Biodiversity Assessment Tools

accuracyScaled mean squared error of accumulation curves.
alphaAlpha diversity (Taxon, Phylogenetic or Functional Diversity...
alpha.accumAlpha diversity accumulation curves (observed and estimated).
alpha.estimateAlpha diversity estimates.
arrabidaSample data of spiders in Arrabida (Portugal)
betaBeta diversity (Taxon, Phylogenetic or Functional Diversity -...
beta.accumBeta diversity accumulation curves.
beta.multiBeta diversity among multiple communities.
beta.volumesBeta diversity partitioning using functional hypervolumes.
contributionContribution of species or individuals to total...
dispersionPhylogenetic/functional dispersion of species or individuals.
functreeFunctional tree for 338 species of spiders
gdmGeneral dynamic model of oceanic island biogeography (GDM).
geresSample data of spiders in Geres (Portugal)
guadianaSample data of spiders in Guadiana (Portugal)
iaorInterspecific abundance-occupancy relationship (IAOR).
optim.alphaOptimization of alpha diversity sampling protocols.
optim.alpha.statsEfficiency statistics for alpha-sampling.
optim.betaOptimization of beta diversity sampling protocols.
optim.beta.statsEfficiency statistics for beta-sampling.
optim.spatialOptimization of spatial sampling.
originalityPhylogenetic/functional originality of species or...
phylotreeTaxonomic tree for 338 species of spiders (surrogate for...
sarSpecies-area relationship (SAR).
sim.plotPlots of simulated species spatial distributions.
sim.sadSimulation of species abundance distributions (SAD).
sim.sampleSimulation of sampling from artificial communities.
sim.spatialSimulation of species spatial distributions.
sim.treeSimulation of phylogenetic or functional tree.
slopeSlope of accumulation curves.
uniquenessPhylogenetic/functional uniqueness of species.
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