BCEA: Bayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Produces an economic evaluation of a Bayesian model in the form of MCMC simulations. Given suitable variables of cost and effectiveness / utility for two or more interventions, This package computes the most cost-effective alternative and produces graphical summaries and probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

AuthorGianluca Baio, Andrea Berardi, Anna Heath
Date of publication2016-11-18 12:43:20
MaintainerGianluca Baio <gianluca@stats.ucl.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
http://www.statistica.it/gianluca/BCEA, http://www.statistica.it/gianluca

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Man pages

bcea: Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

BCEA-package: BCEA: A package for Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

ceac.plot: Cost-Effectiveness Acceptability Curve (CEAC) plot

ceaf.plot: Cost-Effectiveness Acceptability Frontier (CEAF) plot

ceef.plot: Cost-Effectiveness Efficiency Frontier (CEAF) plot

ceplane.plot: Cost-effectiveness plane plot

CEriskav: Cost-effectiveness analysis including a parameter of risk...

contour2: Specialised contour plot for objects in the class "bcea"

contour.bcea: Contour method for objects in the class 'bcea'

CreateInputs: CreateInputs

diag.evppi: diag.evppi

eib.plot: Expected Incremental Benefit (EIB) plot

evi.plot: Expected Value of Information (EVI) plot

evppi: Expected Value of Perfect Partial Information (EVPPI) for...

ib.plot: Incremental Benefit (IB) distribution plot

info.rank: Info-rank plot

mce.plot: Plots the probability that each intervention is the most...

mixedAn: Cost-effectiveness analysis when multiple (possibly non...

multi.ce: Cost-effectiveness analysis with multiple comparison

plot.bcea: Summary plot of the health economic analysis

plot.CEriskav: Summary plot of the health economic analysis when risk...

plot.evppi: plot.evppi

plot.mixedAn: Summary plot of the health economic analysis when the mixed...

sim.table: Table of simulations for the health economic model

Smoking: Data set for the Bayesian model for the cost-effectiveness of...

struct.psa: Structural PSA

summary.bcea: Summary method for objects in the class 'bcea'

summary.mixedAn: Summary methods for objects in the class 'mixedAn' (mixed...

Vaccine: Data set for the Bayesian model for the cost-effectiveness of...


bcea Man page
BCEA Man page
bcea.default Man page
BCEA-package Man page
c Man page
ceac.plot Man page
ceaf.plot Man page
CEanalysis Man page
ceef.plot Man page
ceplane.plot Man page
CEriskav Man page
CEriskav.default Man page
contour2 Man page
contour.bcea Man page
cost.GP Man page
cost.hosp Man page
cost.otc Man page
cost.time.off Man page
cost.time.vac Man page
cost.travel Man page
cost.trt1 Man page
cost.trt2 Man page
cost.vac Man page
CreateInputs Man page
data Man page
diag.evppi Man page
e Man page
eib.plot Man page
evi.plot Man page
evppi Man page
evppi.default Man page
ib.plot Man page
info.rank Man page
life.years Man page
mce.plot Man page
mixedAn Man page
mixedAn.default Man page
multi.ce Man page
N Man page
N.outcomes Man page
N.resources Man page
pi Man page
plot.bcea Man page
plot.CEriskav Man page
plot.evppi Man page
plot.mixedAn Man page
QALYs.adv Man page
QALYs.death Man page
QALYs.hosp Man page
QALYs.inf Man page
QALYs.pne Man page
sim.table Man page
smoking Man page
Smoking Man page
smoking_output Man page
struct.psa Man page
summary.bcea Man page
summary.mixedAn Man page
treats Man page
vaccine Man page
Vaccine Man page

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