Man pages for BGData
A Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data

as.BGDataConvert Other Objects to BGData Objects
BGDataCreates a New BGData Instance
BGData-classContainer for Phenotype and Genotype Data
BGData-packageA Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data
chunkedApplyApplies a Function on Each Row or Column of a File-Backed...
chunkedMapApplies a Function on Each Chunk of a File-Backed Matrix
file-backed-matricesFile-Backed Matrices
findRelatedFind related individuals in a relationship matrix
genoGetting/Setting Genotypes, Sample Information, and Variant...
geno-classAn Abstract S4 Class Union of Matrix-Like Types
getGComputes a Genomic Relationship Matrix
getG_symDMatrixComputes a Very Large Genomic Relationship Matrix
GWASPerforms Single Marker Regressions Using BGData Objects
load.BGDataLoads BGData (and Other) Objects from .RData Files
multi-level-parallelismMulti-Level Parallelism
orderedMergeMerge Two Data Frames Keeping the Order of the First
preprocessCenter, scale, and impute data
readRAWCreates a BGData Object From a .raw File or a .ped-Like File
summarizeGenerates Various Summary Statistics
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