Estimate the Burden of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Global functions
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BHAI Man page
BHAI-package Man page
PPS Man page Source code
PPS-class Man page
bhai Man page
bhai,PPS,ANY-method Man page
bhai,PPS-method Man page
bhai.barplot Man page Source code
bhai.circleplot Man page Source code
bhai.prettyTable Man page Source code
bhai.run Source code
bhai.strataplot Man page Source code
bootstrap_mean Source code
bootstrap_mean_gren Source code
checkMatrix Source code
checkPPSParams Source code
eu_pps Man page
german_pps_conv Man page
hospital_discharges Man page
length_of_stay Man page
loi_pps Man page
mccabe_life_exp Man page
mccabe_scores_distr Man page
num_hai_patients Man page
num_hai_patients_by_stratum Man page
num_hai_patients_by_stratum_prior Man page
num_survey_patients Man page
p.L Source code
p.U Source code
population Man page
rbetamix Source code
rpert Source code
runif_bootstrap_rear_gren Source code
sample.ncases Source code
sample.pps Man page Source code
sample.rpert Source code
sample.runif Source code
sim.bsi Source code
sim.cdi Source code
sim.pn Source code
sim.ssi Source code
sim.uti Source code
sim_pps Man page
sim_pps_bhai Man page
sim_pps_bhai_prior Man page
sim_pps_stratified Man page
summary.bhai Source code
summary_by_disease Source code
summary_by_stratum Source code
summary_total Source code
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