Man pages for BIFIEsurvey
Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment

BIFIE.BIFIEdata2BIFIEcdataConversion and Selection of 'BIFIEdata' Objects
BIFIE.byStatistics for User Defined Functions
BIFIE.correlCorrelations and Covariances
BIFIE.crosstabCross Tabulation
BIFIE.dataCreates an Object of Class 'BIFIEdata'
BIFIEdata2svrepdesignConversion of a 'BIFIEdata' Object into a 'svyrep' Object in... '' Object based on Bootstrap '' Object with Jackknife Zones of Variables and Imputed Datasets for Objects of... Transformation for 'BIFIEdata' Objects
BIFIE.derivedParametersStatistical Inference for Derived Parameters
BIFIE.ecdfEmpirical Distribution Function and Quantiles
BIFIE.freqFrequency Statistics
BIFIE.lavaan.surveyFitting a Model in 'lavaan' or in 'survey'
BIFIE.linregLinear Regression
BIFIE.logistregLogistic Regression
BIFIE.mvaMissing Value Analysis
BIFIE.pathmodelPath Model Estimation
BIFIEsurvey-packageTools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
BIFIEsurvey-utilitiesUtility Functions in 'BIFIEsurvey'
bifietableAn 'Rcpp' Based Version of the 'table' Function
BIFIE.twolevelregTwo Level Regression
BIFIE.univarUnivariate Descriptive Statistics (Means and Standard...
BIFIE.univar.testAnalysis of Variance and Effect Sizes for Univariate...
BIFIE.waldtestWald Tests for BIFIE Methods
data.bifieExample Datasets for the 'BIFIEsurvey' Package
data.pisaNLDSome PISA Datasets
data.test1Some Datasets for Testing Purposes
data.timss1Dataset TIMSS 2011
save.BIFIEdataSaving, Writing and Loading 'BIFIEdata' Objects
seStandard Errors of Estimated Parameters
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