Man pages for BLSM
Bayesian Latent Space Model

alpha_upUpdate step for the alpha variable
BLSMBayesian Latent Space Model
dstGeodesic distance
estimate_latent_positionsBLSM simulation
example_adjacency_matrixExample Adjacency Matrix
example_blsm_objExample BLSM object
example_weights_matrixExample Weights Matrix
lpYNetwork log-likelihood
lpYNODENetwork log-likelihood for individual updates
lpz_distDistance between latent positions
lpz_distNODElpz_dist optimized for individual updates
mlpYNetwork (positive) log-likelihood
plot_latent_positionsBase BLSM plot function
plot_traceplots_acfBLSM traceplots and ACF
proc_crrProcrustean corresponding positions
Z_upUpdate step for the latent positions
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