Man pages for BMhyb
Hybrid Trait Evolution under Brownian Motion

AdaptiveConfidenceIntervalSamplingConfidence interval under adaptive cluster sampling...
AdjustForDetAdjust the phylogeny.
AkaikeWeightAkaike weight
AlterMatrixUsingDETransforming current variance covariance matrix to a positive...
AttachHybridsToDonorAttach hybrids to the donor species
AttemptDeletionFixDelete taxa to improve matrix condition
BMhybComparative method for studying hybridization using Brownian...
BMhybGridComparative method for studying hybridization using Brownian...
BrissetteEtAlCorrectionTransforming current variance covariance matrix to a positive...
CalculateLikelihoodCalculate the likelihood value for the model
cichlidCichlid data from Kobmuller et al. 2007
ContourFromAdaptiveSamplingContour maps
ConvertVectorToMatrixConvert a vector into a matrix
DetPassdeterminant of the matrix
GenerateRandomPositiveDefiniteMatrixGenerate positive definite matrix
GenerateRandomValuesGenerate random values
GenerateValuesGenerate parameter values
GetAncestorIdentify the ancestor
GetCladeGet clade from the tree
GetMeansModifiedThe species means for the network model
GetVModifiedVariance covariance matrix for the network model
IsPositiveDefiniteCheck to make sure a variance covariance network (from a tree...
LumpIntoCladesLump into clades
nicotiananicotiana data
PlotAICRegionPlot the region from which points were estimated
PlotConvexHullConvex hull
PlotNetworkPhylogenetic Network Plot
PositiveDefiniteOptimizationFnDistance function for optimization
SimulateNetworkSimulate phylogenetic network
SimulateTipDataSimulate data on a network
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