Man pages for BMhyb
Comparative Methods for Phylogenetic Networks

AddHybridizationAdd hybrid events to a phy.graph
BMhybOptimize model
BMhybExhaustiveExhaustively evaluate models
cichlidCichlid dataset
ComputeLikelihoodCompute the likelihood for a set of parameters
ComputeVCVCompute the variance-covariance matrix
ConvertEvonetToIgraphWithNodeNumbersConvert an evonet object into igraph
CreateHybridlessEvonetConvert phylo object to evonet
GetConvexHullGet convex hull at a given threshold
MergeExhaustiveForPlottingFunction to merge adaptive sampling sims for plotting
nicotianaNicotiana dataset
plot.BMhybExhaustiveResultPlot BMhybExhaustive result
plot.BMhybResultPlot BMhyb result
print.BMhybExhaustiveResultPrint BMhybExhaustive result
print.BMhybResultPrint BMhyb result
SimulateNetworkSimulate a phylogenetic network
SimulateTipsSimulate trait data
summary.BMhybExhaustiveResultSummarize BMhybExhaustive result
summary.BMhybResultSummarize BMhyb result
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