cichlid: Cichlid dataset

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A dataset containing a phylogenetic network and trait data for cichlid species


A list with two items:


the phylogenetic network in ape::evonet format


a vector of trait data

a vector of standard error


The tree is made by doing a tree search with mitochondrial data from Kobmuller, S., N. Duftner, K. M. Sefc, M. Aibara,M. Stipacek, M. Blanc, B. Egger, and C. Sturmbauer. 2007.Reticulate phylogeny of gastropod-shell-breeding cichlids from Lake Tanganyika: the result of repeated introgressive hybridization. BMC Evolutionary Biology 7:7.

We then added hybridization events based on their cartoon Fig. 4:

Hybridization events with solid lines (coeval events) were modeled as going from the later of the source or descendant nodes.

Hybridization events with dotted lines, indicating ghost lineages, went from the MRCA of the source clade to the MRCA of the recipient taxon.

Trait data comes from fishbase.

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