BRugs: Interface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software

Fully-interactive R interface to the 'OpenBUGS' software for Bayesian analysis using MCMC sampling. Runs natively and stably in 32-bit R under Windows. Versions running on Linux and on 64-bit R under Windows are in "beta" status and less efficient.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorOpenBUGS was developed by Andrew Thomas, Dave Lunn, David Spiegelhalter and Nicky Best. R interface developed by Uwe Ligges, Sibylle Sturtz, Andrew Gelman, Gregor Gorjanc and Chris Jackson. Linux port and most recent developments by Chris Jackson.
Date of publication2015-12-16 09:36:46
MaintainerUwe Ligges <>

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Man pages

bgr.point: Internal functions (to support plotting the Gelman-Rubin...

BRugs: Introduction to BRugs

BRugsFit: BRugs' meta function

buffer: Reading OpenBUGS buffer file Writing input for OpenBUGS

bugs.inits: Writing input for OpenBUGS

buildMCMC: Generating mcmc.list objects for package coda

dic: DIC

dimensions: Dimension of BUGS variables

get.chain: Current chain to be initialized

get.num.chains: Number of chains

help.WinBUGS: WinBUGS documentation

info.memory: Show memory usage

info.modules: Loaded modules

info.node: Node information

info.updaters: Information on MCMC updaters

model.adaptivePhase: Getting length of adaptive phase

model.check: Checking the model file

model.compile: Compiling the model Loading the data

model.factory: Enable and disable factories to create updaters

model.gen.inits: Generating initial values

model.inits: Loading initial values

model.iteration: Returns number of iterations

model.names: Get variable names in model

model.precision: Setting precision for prec figures

model.RN: State of Random Number Generator Save the model's current state

model.setAP: Changing settings of updating algorithms

model.setWD: Set working directory

model.update: Updating the model

plot.autoC: Plot autocorrelation function for a scalar variable

plot.bgr: Plot the Gelman-Rubin convergence statistic for a scalar...

plot.density: Plot density estimate or histogram of a scalar variable

plot.history: Trace of a scalar variable

ranks: Calculation of ranks

rats: ratsdata example

samples.autoC: Plot autocorrelation function

samples.bgr: Plot the Gelman-Rubin convergence statistic

samples.clear: Clear recorded values

samples.coda: Writing files in CODA format

samples.correl: Correlation

samples.density: Plot density estimate or histogram

samples.get: Get settings used for calculations

samples.history: Trace of a variable

samples.monitors: Names of monitored scalar variables

samples.sample: Stored values

samples.set: Start recording

samples.setting: Change settings used for calculations

samples.size: Size of the stored sample

samples.stats: Calculate summary statistics

set.values: Setting current values

summary: Summary of MCMC simulation

unix/loadOpenBUGS: Load OpenBUGS from given directory

windows/loadOpenBUGS: Load OpenBUGS from given directory

write.datafile: Write data for OpenBUGS - intended for internal use only

write.model: Creating an OpenBUGS model file


bgrGrid Man page
bgrPoint Man page
BRugs Man page
BRugsFit Man page
buffer Man page
bugsData Man page
bugsInits Man page
buildMCMC Man page
dicClear Man page
dicSet Man page
dicStats Man page
dimensions Man page
formatdata Man page
getChain Man page
getNumChains Man page
help.BRugs Man page
help.WinBUGS Man page
infoMemory Man page
infoModules Man page
infoNodeMethods Man page
infoNodeTypes Man page
infoNodeValues Man page
infoUpdatersbyDepth Man page
infoUpdatersbyName Man page
loadOpenBUGS Man page
modelAdaptivePhase Man page
modelCheck Man page
modelCompile Man page
modelData Man page
modelDisable Man page
modelEnable Man page
modelGenInits Man page
modelInits Man page
modelIteration Man page
modelNames Man page
modelPrecision Man page
modelSaveState Man page
modelSetAP Man page
modelSetIts Man page
modelSetOR Man page
modelSetRN Man page
modelSetWD Man page
modelUpdate Man page
plotAutoC Man page
plotBgr Man page
plotDensity Man page
plotHistory Man page
ranksClear Man page
ranksSet Man page
ranksStats Man page
ratsdata Man page
ratsinits Man page
samplesAutoC Man page
samplesBgr Man page
samplesClear Man page
samplesCoda Man page
samplesCorrel Man page
samplesDensity Man page
samplesGetBeg Man page
samplesGetEnd Man page
samplesGetFirstChain Man page
samplesGetLastChain Man page
samplesGetThin Man page
samplesHistory Man page
samplesMonitors Man page
samplesSample Man page
samplesSet Man page
samplesSetBeg Man page
samplesSetEnd Man page
samplesSetFirstChain Man page
samplesSetLastChain Man page
samplesSetThin Man page
samplesSize Man page
samplesStats Man page
setValues Man page
summaryClear Man page
summarySet Man page
summaryStats Man page
write.datafile Man page
writeModel Man page


tests/BRugs.R tests/examples.R tests/examples.stats.R
R/model.names.R R/buffer.R R/plot.autoC.R R/summary.set.R R/plot.bgr.R R/plot.density.R R/model.adaptivePhase.R R/summary.clear.R R/ranks.clear.R R/samples.set.thin.R R/ranks.set.R R/ R/samples.set.end.R R/samples.size.R R/BRugsFit.R R/model.iteration.R R/info.memory.R R/model.update.R R/get.chain.R R/samples.clear.R R/samples.correl.R R/dimensions.R R/model.precision.R R/info.node.R R/buildMCMC.R R/samples.get.lastChain.R R/model.setWD.R R/model.setIts.R R/bgr.grid.R R/model.inits.R R/model.setOR.R R/samples.stats.R R/get.num.chains.R R/samples.get.thin.R R/samples.history.R R/dic.clear.R R/samples.coda.R R/model.setAP.R R/dic.set.R R/dic.stats.R
R/windows/findOpenBUGS.R R/windows/zzz.i386.R R/windows/internal.R R/windows/help.R R/windows/zzz.x64.R R/windows/zzz.R R/samples.get.end.R R/ R/ R/formatdata.R R/model.getRN.R R/info.modules.R R/write.model.R R/model.factory.R R/samples.get.beg.R R/samples.autoC.R R/internal.R R/model.check.R R/plot.history.R R/info.updaters.R R/samples.set.R R/samples.set.beg.R R/samples.get.firstChain.R R/write.datafile.R
R/unix/internal.R R/unix/help.R R/unix/zzz.R R/samples.bgr.R R/summary.stats.R R/ranks.stats.R R/samples.set.lastChain.R R/model.gen.inits.R R/bgr.point.R R/samples.sample.R R/model.compile.R R/model.setRN.R R/samples.set.firstChain.R R/bugs.inits.R R/samples.monitors.R R/samples.density.R R/zzz.R R/set.values.R
man/model.iteration.Rd man/bugs.inits.Rd man/samples.correl.Rd man/model.setAP.Rd man/set.values.Rd man/rats.Rd man/model.compile.Rd man/info.memory.Rd man/samples.set.Rd man/samples.sample.Rd man/samples.setting.Rd man/get.num.chains.Rd man/model.update.Rd man/bgr.point.Rd man/samples.clear.Rd man/buffer.Rd man/model.RN.Rd man/BRugsFit.Rd man/model.inits.Rd man/BRugs.Rd
man/dimensions.Rd man/ man/info.modules.Rd man/samples.stats.Rd man/model.adaptivePhase.Rd man/model.names.Rd man/samples.size.Rd man/samples.monitors.Rd man/samples.get.Rd man/buildMCMC.Rd man/plot.bgr.Rd man/dic.Rd man/samples.history.Rd
man/model.setWD.Rd man/model.check.Rd man/write.datafile.Rd man/ man/samples.autoC.Rd man/ranks.Rd man/plot.density.Rd man/info.node.Rd man/plot.autoC.Rd man/write.model.Rd man/get.chain.Rd man/plot.history.Rd man/info.updaters.Rd man/model.factory.Rd man/model.precision.Rd man/samples.density.Rd man/summary.Rd man/samples.bgr.Rd man/ man/help.WinBUGS.Rd man/model.gen.inits.Rd man/samples.coda.Rd

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