Man pages for BRugs
Interface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software

bgr.pointInternal functions (to support plotting the Gelman-Rubin...
BRugsIntroduction to BRugs
BRugsFitBRugs' meta function
bufferReading OpenBUGS buffer file
bugs.dataWriting input for OpenBUGS
bugs.initsWriting input for OpenBUGS
buildMCMCGenerating mcmc.list objects for package coda
dimensionsDimension of BUGS variables
get.chainCurrent chain to be initialized
get.num.chainsNumber of chains
help.WinBUGSWinBUGS documentation
info.memoryShow memory usage
info.modulesLoaded modules
info.nodeNode information
info.updatersInformation on MCMC updaters
model.adaptivePhaseGetting length of adaptive phase
model.checkChecking the model file
model.compileCompiling the model
model.dataLoading the data
model.factoryEnable and disable factories to create updaters
model.gen.initsGenerating initial values
model.initsLoading initial values
model.iterationReturns number of iterations
model.namesGet variable names in model
model.precisionSetting precision for prec figures
model.RNState of Random Number Generator the model's current state
model.setAPChanging settings of updating algorithms
model.setWDSet working directory
model.updateUpdating the model
plot.autoCPlot autocorrelation function for a scalar variable
plot.bgrPlot the Gelman-Rubin convergence statistic for a scalar...
plot.densityPlot density estimate or histogram of a scalar variable
plot.historyTrace of a scalar variable
ranksCalculation of ranks
ratsratsdata example
samples.autoCPlot autocorrelation function
samples.bgrPlot the Gelman-Rubin convergence statistic
samples.clearClear recorded values
samples.codaWriting files in CODA format
samples.densityPlot density estimate or histogram
samples.getGet settings used for calculations
samples.historyTrace of a variable
samples.monitorsNames of monitored scalar variables
samples.sampleStored values
samples.setStart recording
samples.settingChange settings used for calculations
samples.sizeSize of the stored sample
samples.statsCalculate summary statistics
set.valuesSetting current values
summarySummary of MCMC simulation
unix/loadOpenBUGSLoad OpenBUGS from given directory
windows/loadOpenBUGSLoad OpenBUGS from given directory
write.datafileWrite data for OpenBUGS - intended for internal use only
write.modelCreating an OpenBUGS model file
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